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Birds are amazing animals that might be a excellent addition to your family. When choosing a pet bird, you may wish to find the bird most compatible with your lifestyle and living circumstances. Here are some of the most popular birds that produce the perfect pets.

This is the favorite of all pet birds. These birds are the perfect selection for new bird owners or adults with children living in their homes. Despite the fact that the parakeet isn’t quite as large as its cousins, it will still require the same type of respect and care for a parrot. Because of their size, parakeets do not demand a good deal of space and they’re simple to keep. You can choose from a number of colors, including purple, red, blue and green. Parakeets are smart enough to learn various words and phrases; but most of these birds are satisfied with whistling and singing.

African Greys

This is among the most intelligent birds to choose from. African Greys have a very large vocabulary, and once you learn how to take care of them correctly, these pet birds are easy to train. Due to their intelligence, African Greys can be very demanding pets; this species of parrots become bored quickly when they are not stimulated. When cared for and fed correctly, these birds can live up to three years or longer. If you are looking for a smart and affectionate pet bird, the African Grey is your best choice.

Finches and Canaries

This is a pet bird favorite to choose from. This popular bird measures at five inches or less, and it needs a lot less space compared to other pet birds. Finches and canaries have softbills or waxbills, unlike parrots, a species called hookbills. Since finches and canaries prefer to travel in small flocks, and they rarely pay much attention to humans, this is the perfect bird to choose if you’ll only be able to provide your pet with minimal interaction. If you provide adequate care for this bird, it can live up to ten years.


These birds are a member of the parrot family and they’re delightful pets to get around the home. Cockatiels are natives of Australia and they’re medium-sized creatures. These critters have advanced whistling and singing skills that your entire family will love. Even though cockatiels have the capacity to talk when trained properly, this bird prefers to mimic quirky and random sounds, such as the ringing of a telephone. You can choose from many different diverse color choices when adopting a cockatiel. The average life expectancy of the pet bird is between 15 and 20 years.


If you want to pick from the parrot species, then this is the smallest bird in that family. However, a lot of men and women prefer lovebirds compared to larger parrots that are more demanding. These birds are quiet, making them a great choice for the individual who lives in an apartment or condominium. The lovebird has a life expectancy of around 20 years.

Before you take one of these birds home, you should always choose the one which matches your personal lifestyle the most.

5 Pet Birds That Make Great Additions to the Family

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